Eat the Rich Community Kitchen

A group of Thistle youth are working on opening a community kitchen and venue space in East Vancouver. Eat The Rich community kitchen will be a youth-run collective space where anyone is welcome to share food, teach and learn culinary skills, and hold rad events such as concerts, gallery nights, poetry readings, and more!

The community kitchen will source food from local youth-run urban gardens such as the Purple Thistle Guerrilla Gardening group, the Environmental Youth Alliance, and others. We are always excited to meet other urban gardeners interested in collaborating so get in touch!

You can expect the community kitchen to host workshops and skillshares related to food such as: pickling and canning, wild fermentation, processing honey, cheese making, and anything else that inspired folks bring to share. We will also host community meals that are open to everyone, where we may accept donations to help fund the space but money wont act as a barrier to healthy, fresh, local food.

The Eat The Rich Community Kitchen will be opening soon!

We have found a temporary home to use as a launch pad toward our own space at the Toast Collective. Come help us build our community kitchen and live the dream!

To get involved email us at:

Eat The Rich Wishlist

In order to make this community kitchen a reality we need to acquire the following equipment.

Basic Kitchen Equipment Needed
Measuring cups and spoons
Whisks - small and large
Flat spatula
Tongs - small and large
Can Opener
Wooden spoons
Slotted Spoons
Pasta Forks
Graters - cheese and lemon/orange zester
Scraping Spatulas
Serving ladles
Potato masher
Cooking and pastry brushes
Serving spoons - variety
Pepper grinder
Salt container for cooking
Pepper and salt shakers
Funnels - various sizes
Oven mitts
Manual juicer
Water pitcher
Drip coffee maker
Salad Spinner
Casserole dishes – all sizes
large dish drying rack
tea towels
dish clothes
Serving bowls - different sizes
Serving platters - different sizes
Cutlery dividers
First Aid Kit
Cleaning related items for kitchen:
Rubber gloves
Pot scrubbies
Fantastic spray on multipurpose
Spray on oven cleaner
Baking soda
Mixing bowls:
Variety - large, deep, medium, shallow, small and cute
Cooling racks
Cookie sheets
Pizza sheets
Pie plates
Loaf pans
Baking pans - all sizes for cakes, quick breads, bundts etc
Muffin tins
Roasting pan - large
Rolling Pins
Large plastic/metal storage containers to hold flour, w&b sugar, oats, etc.
Cutting boards - large, plastic

Kind of cheap stuff
Pots: (all with lids)
10 qt. stock pot
8 qt stock pot
5 qt. dutch oven
2 qt. saucepan
1 qt. saucepan
Frying pans:
12 inch open
10 inch deep covered
10 inch open
8 inch open

Smaller Appliances
Food processor
Hand mixer
Large mixer (Hobart, Kitchenaid, Braun)
Coffee grinder for spices
Coffee grinder for coffee
Jesus Toaster
Sandwich press
Knives set

  • paring knives
  • bread/pastry knives
  • Knife block for storage
  • steel

Large Appliances
Fancy Blender
Commercial range stove and oven
Ventilation hood
Commercial refrigerator
Dish sanitizer
Metal 3-sink dishwashing setup with overhead sprayers
Espresso Machine
Handwashing sink

If you would like to donate equipment or money with which to purchase equipment please contact us.