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Purple Thistle – Dream Seeds VIII – Job Description
Please apply ASAP. Spots are highly sought after and fill up fast. Don’t delay!

The Purple Thistle has ten participant openings available for its Dream Seeds program for self-identified women between the ages of 16 and 28. The positions are for 30 hrs per week, running Tuesday - Friday 9:00 - 4:30, for 14 weeks (start date tba - but some time early September*). Participants are paid $10.25 per/hour and are eligible for a $500 completion bonus.

We will build the program with the core goal of every participant moving substantively forward towards sustainable, fulfilling and self-reliant lives. More simply, the idea is to take 14 weeks and do whatever it takes for participants to get a lot closer to the kinds of lives they hope and dream for.

Some of the construction of the program will be pre arranged and some we will do as a group. This is based on the interests, needs, and skills of participants and staff. Past programs have included: community internships, anti-oppression work, facilitation training, work placements, yoga, gardening, collective art projects, college entrance preparation, work and educational counseling and planning, cooking together, web and graphic design classes, conflict negotiation workshops, finding work, starting jobs, field trips, sexual health presentations, medicinal herb walks, zine-making and much else.

Some other details:

  • The first 7 weeks the project takes place at the Purple Thistle. (More or less at Clark and Venables)
  • The last 7 weeks will take place on job sites for work experience placements.
  • The job requires the ability to work independently and creatively. At the same time the capacity to work collaboratively and with a tight group is essential.
  • Attendance and punctuality are high priorities. Please be prepared to come everyday, on-time, and ready to participate.
  • You will be asked to participate in a wide range of activities - some of which may be new or uncomfortable to you.
  • You will need to be understanding of a wide range of backgrounds and personalities, and willing to work closely with people who are very different from you and each other. Flexibility and good-humouredness are very helpful.
  • The more ideas and interests you have, the more hopes and dreams you have for your future the better.
  • We are prioritizing racialized women and women facing poverty

If you are interested, please contact Manisha Singh ( and Carla Bergman (  If you can provide a little information it will give us a jump-start on the interview process. Start with: Name; Age; and Based on the description of the program and the criteria for participation, what about your life experience and goals makes you want to participate in the program? And anything else you think we should know or might be important.

Please note:  You must have a case number with employment BC (or be in the process of getting a caseworker/number prior to an interview with us)

we are in the process of negotiating this contract and will have more information soon. There are no guarantees that this session will start up this fall, but it’s looking promising so do apply! thanks.